Who is Queen S?

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I’m Shivani, welcome to Queen S by Shivani Nirupam!

I’m a fashion, beauty, travel, and film enthusiast. Also, I love dogs. <3 From an early age, I developed an affinity for writing and all things fancy- which finally lead me to initiate QS.

I’m originally a Business Management graduate. While completing my graduation, I took up a professional makeup artistry course, as I felt a glam-void in my life back then. I then decided to top-up my degree with a Luxury Brand Management diploma; which basically made me all that I am today.

In my blog, I talk about my style, travel stories, luxury goods, skincare, makeup tips, and a sneak-peak into my life. This blog will continue to be an outlet for my personal vibe and preferences. However trendy my preferences may seem, they are still coming from my own perspective.



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