Street Style of 2010s

We never knew what paved the way to the ever growing digital business trend. Maybe it was the Kar-Jenner’s, maybe it was the accessibility to technology. Or maybe with time, everything just changed. The way it was supposed to.


Let’s not think too hard over the evolution of influencer influenza, but this blog post is definitely in honor of the one fashion culture that was kickstarted by influencers: Street Style.

We all love it, we all wear it, we all swear by it. You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to pull a street-easy outfit!



Here I am doing Street Style right with my fiancé’s classic white shirt, distressed denims, the hottest trend of mid 2010s- Gucci Princetowns, gold chunky jewelry, a bum-bag and makeup & hair inspired by Kim K and Kylie! Which includes hard contour & highlight, sleek hair, nude lips, arched eyebrows.


That’s all with Street Style!