My AM and PM Skincare Routine

It’s a pain to be beautiful, I tell you…

So, my skin type is normal and dry-ish in the winters. Especially my lips… Lord, they give me a fucking headache every winter, or even when I’m traveling =| 

Being a lip-balm hoarder isn’t a fun hobby for me, I genuinely NEED a lot of hydration and moisture for my lips. Anyhoo, enough with my dry-lips rant. 

Moving onto my skincare regimes.

Let’s start with my PM skincare routine, because that’s my favorite activity of the day! 

So, after I double cleanse my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser,

  • Serum. (1) I use the Pixi Beauty Botanical Collagen & Retinol Serum. I’ve been using it since a while, and I’m literally loving the glow and evenness it has brought to my skin tone.

 NOTE: This product may contain retinol, but it won’t treat active acne issues, but it’d definitely maintain your lovely skin, if you’re not currently suffering from acne, pigmentation, black and white heads issues or even acne scars. 

You must consult a doctor if these issues are bothering you. If not, If you just want to use retinol because you’ve heard that it’s a godsend component that helps to maintain your natural glow, go purchase this night serum right away!  

  • Serum. (2) I use two night serums, because why not? Also because, I’ve been using the legendary Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair for 3 years now, and it’s definitely got great ingredients as told to me by experts. I seriously have only been using it because the texture and scent of it relaxes me. If you don’t use ANR already or haven’t heard of it, please close this window. Because you don’t seem to care about the things I write about… JK. ANR is a beautifully developed night serum used by millions of people around the world. Estee Lauder claims to have synchronized this product with scientifically backed ingredients through a patented technology that contributes to an anti-aging procedure. 
  • Eye cream. Experts would tell you that eye creams are not necessary, and then they will also tell you to use an active ingredient on your under-eyes, because as we age, that particular area of our skin will start to get thinner. I use the Pixi Beauty 24K Eye Elixir. It’s an anti-fatigue peptide serum. It’s a roll-on packaging, so the metal ball cools your under-eye area. I roll it all over my eyes, because I don’t put anything else on my eyes except a moisturizer. It has worked well for me, so far. My eyes look fresher and plumper, after using it for over 2 months now.
  • Moisturizer. I’ve been using the Kiehl’s Calendula Infused Water Cream. What I love about this moisturizer is that it’s gel based, I like gel-based products. The one thing that I dislike about gel-based products is that they don’t lock hydration the way cream-based products do. In my observation. Much after I was enlightened by this opinion I was introduced to the Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream, which locks in the hydration just about right and leaves on a light, glowing texture.
  • Lip Balm. I honestly don’t have much of an opinion, I like to try different types lip balms or lip oils. I am currently using Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask (at night). In my opinion there’s no difference between a lip balm or a lip mask. You guys can definitely opt for this one, as it is super thick in texture, and provides an expected level of hydration.

Let’s get into my AM skincare routine now.

First of all, cleansing. 

  • Serum. I use the Yureverzo Stem Intense Rejuvenating Serum. This has been recommended to me by my Doctor, especially for the winter. Since, I face a lot of dryness in that particular season. This serum hence (as told by the dermatologist) provides an abundance of hydration.
  • Moisturizer. The Kiehl’s Calendula Infused Water Cream. Again. I love it. It’s beautiful. We have established it.
  • SPF. I use the Loreal Paris UV Perfect Matte and Fresh SPF 50 Sunscreen. I mainly like it because it doesn’t leave behind a film, and isn’t too sticky. So, it basically doesn’t irritate my skin and so far I’ve been very happy with how long it stays on locking out all the sun damage and pollution. Not to forget, I put it over my lips as well. Because I recently discovered that our lips can get tanned, too.
  • Lip Oil. I’m currently using Kiehl’s Love Oil for Lips in the day. I love how convenient the packaging is, I love the scent of it. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the best lip oils I’ve ever tried. And… I’ve tried too many. 

So this is all with my skincare routines for now guys! Will definitely keep updating, but not too drastically. Because I really love how the above mentioned products are suiting me.