Its always Sunny in Paradise

Hi. I’m Shivani Nirupam. 

I’ve always found solace in writing. Not that I like to journal my thoughts down, (I let those wander through my mind.) I choose to write about stuff I’m passionately driven towards. 

Before I start blogging, I’d like to talk about who I am and what I care about:

 I’m a happy person and I love my life. My personality is sunny… with a dash of thunderstorms from time to time. However, not once has an issue overpowered my gratitude towards life and what all it has in store for me. All thanks to the amazing people and pets I’ve been surrounded by. 

I care deeply about fashion, beauty, traveling, films, design, food, fun, feminism, and dogs. You’ll see a hint of everything I love, from time to time. 

My blogs will cover luxury fashion, styling, makeup, skincare, travel stories, and lifestyle-oriented topics.  

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